Client: Plantlife | Brand & Business Content & Community Manager
Deliverables: Digital Ads, Social Content, In-app Content, logos, Motion Design
Role: Content Creation, Design, Community Management
Together We Thrive Campaign
Role: Created key city imagery, promotional materials, partner branded content
Influencer Digital Ads - Social channel content                                                                                          
Branded elements for our partner influencers to use on their social channels promoting the launch of PlantLife
In-App Club Badges - Original illustration
Logos for the In-app clubs for launch. Each club has a badge that is used for the club avatar as well on branded club merchandise
Apple App Store Download Page Animation
In-app Welcome Videos
Using After Effects I created branded welcome content for new app users. Each video was displayed in the curated welcome content to inform users of PlantLife features
Weekly "Did you know?" Videos                                                                                               
Created to engage users In-app and on social media, I chose facts related to the weekly social posts and created short animations. These were used In-app as well as on the social channels Instagram Reels and TikTok
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